In this site and through my posts, I explain why the Surface is the device that replaced my iPad and laptop.

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Here is where I share my findings, excitement, annoyances, and decisions.

  • Surface Pro Turned my iPad into an Expensive Hotspot

    When the Surface was introduced I was very excited to buy one because I immediately saw its potential to replace my iPad and laptop.  I had tried to switch to the iPad as my only device, but it failed after numerous attempts. I tried to buy the Surface Pro when it first launched, but was turned off [...]

  • UPDATE: Microsoft Surface Pro Release Date Set – I am (less) Frustrated

    I am happy the Surface is actually going to be released on February 9th! I finally will have one device to replace my iPad and laptop when I travel. Microsoft Surface Pro Webpage I am frustrated because I have finally gotten indexed in Google, but don’t event show up in Google search results. Looks like [...]

  • Major iPad Shortcoming Microsoft Surface Will Overcome

    I have really PUSHED hard to see if the iPad could be my primary productivity device. There are many reasons, but reason #1 is below… At least once or twice a day, I attempt an online task or activity that simply cannot be performed on the iPad. Today, I was inspired to write this post [...]

  • iPad vs Surface First Impressions

    On the day after the Surface was available, I went to one of the Microsoft holiday stores to put my hands on one. In short, I loved it. I love the feel and quality of of the hardware and the Windows 8 interface aligns perfectly with how I work. I really wanted to buy it [...]

  • Welcome to my Quest: To determine if I can replace my iPad with a Surface

    In early 2010 I was not an Apple fan and I had very negative view of the company and its products. Now, less than three years later, I have spent thousands of dollars on Apple products and now own an iPhone and two iPads. I used to harrumph all of the technology-illiterate business travelers who [...]